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Clinical Pilates

Both equipment and mat Clinical Pilates classes are available at PHYSIO 64. The classes are given in a small group or else can be taken on a 1:1 basis. All our Pilates is with a specially-trained chartered physiotherapist. Our group equipment Pilates classes are very different to most group classes as each client has their own individualised program focusing on their own specific needs.

Clinical Pilates is the ultimate exercise rehabilitation and prevention therapy. Under the instruction of a physiotherapist especially trained in Clinical Pilates, your program will address the alignment and control of your body.

Clinical Pilates targets;

  • core stability

  • muscle flexibility

  • movement control

  • body awareness

  • balance


Clinical Pilates corrects the problems that often CAUSE injury such as;

  • joint mal-alignment

  • muscle imbalance

  • poor movement habits

  • lack of body awareness


By correcting postural alignment and movement mechanics, we can eliminate the mechanical causes of pain. Then through training and progressively challenging this control, flexibility, ton-ing and strengthening are increased. This also results in reduced fatigue, increased energy and improved performance of every day and sports activities.
Your options;

  • Pilates One on One

  • Group Equipment Pilates with an individualised program

  • Group Mat-work Pilates Classes


To prevent future exacerbations, you may find it beneficial to continue with an individualised Clinical Pilates program utilizing contemporary equipment and closely supervised to guarantee proper form and progression. However, after a period you may choose to join other people, in one of our Pilates groups.

Classes are performed for 45 - 60 minutes, in small groups in our Pilates studio. These classes are perfect for those who want to achieve the best, fastest and most complete recovery possible, in the safest and most efficient and effective manner.
For class schedules please contact us

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