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Rehab Programs & Clinical Pilates

Rehab & clinical Pilates classes are available at PHYSIO 64. The classes are given in a small group or else can be taken on a 1:1 basis. All our classes are with a specially-trained chartered physiotherapist. Our group equipment Pilates classes are very different to most group classes as each client has their own individualised program focusing on their own specific needs.

Our rehabilitation exercise sessions are the ultimate exercise and prevention therapy. Under the instruction of a physiotherapist especially trained in Clinical Pilates and rehabilitation exercise, your program will address all of your needs.


Based on 20 years of clinical experience and the latest evidence we provide each of our clients with their own program, tailored to their particular needs.

We incorporate;

  • movement control

  • muscle flexibility

  • strength training

  • body awareness & brain training

  • balance training

Your options;

  • One on One sessions

  • Double sessions (two clients, one physio) with an individualised program


Our beautiful rehab gym has Pilates equipment including reformers, a cadillac, combi- chairs as well as weights and balance training equipment. With such tiny numbers you will be closely supervised to guarantee proper form and progression.

Classes are performed for 30 minutes. These classes are perfect for those who want to achieve the best, fastest and most complete recovery possible, in the safest and most efficient and effective manner.

For class schedules please click on our Book Classes option on the home page or email

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