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Our Services

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Patients with chronic and acute neck and spinal pain, along with shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and foot pain are seen by our specialised physiotherapists, offering high-quality care and long-term solutions using the latest evidence-based treatment. More

Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have extensive experience working with athletes of all levels across a wide spectrum of sports including athletics, rugby, soccer, GAA, basketball, triathlon, golf, tennis and cross-fit. We aim to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your injury and agree a treatment plan so that you know what to expect for your recovery. More

Physiotherapy Rehab programs

Specific physiotherapy rehabilitation programs are emerging as a very effective management approach in the case of chronic low back pain and other musculoskeletal problems. We provide individualised tailored programs in our purpose-built gym to ensure each patient achieves their best possible outcome. More

Clinical Pilates

Both equipment and mat Clinical Pilates classes are available at PHYSIO 64. The classes are given in a small group or else can be taken on a 1:1 basis. All our Pilates is with a specially-trained chartered physiotherapist. Our group equipment Pilates classes are very different to most group classes as each client has their own individualised program focusing on their own specific needs. More

Pregnancy Pilates

Our pregnancy Pilates classes are suitable throughout all stages of pregnancy. We use Pilates equipment such as the reformer machine and combi chair, making Pilates very easy and comfortable to do during pregnancy. Each client has an individualised program, depending on your stage of pregnancy and symptoms, and you will be very closely monitored throughout the class. More

Post-natal Pilates with baby

Our Post-natal Pilates with baby are suitable to commence 6 weeks post vaginal delivery and 12 weeks after C-section. Benefits include the graded restoration of strength and flexibility to address any issues you may have experienced during pregnancy, such as Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, as well as pelvic floor strengthening after vaginal delivery. More

Women's Health Physiotherapy

A Women’s health physiotherapist is a specialised physiotherapist trained in assessing and treating all issues related to pelvic floor dysfunctions. These issues can be pregnancy and non-pregnancy related for example Pregnancy-related back pain, Pelvic girdle pain and incontinence. We also offer 6-week post-natal pelvic floor function checks and 12-week C-section checks. More

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Structured rehabilitation program to help understand, improve and manage dizziness for patients with Benign Par-oxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Labyrinthitis, Migraine, Neuritis, Meniere’s Disease, whiplash or dizziness following concussion. More

Dry Needling

Dry needling is used as to complement manual therapy where appropriate, placing fine needles into trigger points to release muscle tightness and support healing. More


Similar to dry needling, the Chinese Medicine method is provided by specially trained chartered physiotherapists and is individually tailored to the patient to enhance recovery and rehabilitation. More

Occupational Health

Specialised assessment and treatment of painful work-related musculoskeletal disorders involving the muscles, tendons, joints and/or nerves, often exacerbated by issues such as sitting incorrectly at your desk, heavy lifting or activities which involve sustained or awkward postures. More


Individualised prescriptions for orthotic insoles to correct the biomechanics of the foot and their associated symptoms. More


Yoga is an excellent complement to long term pain prevention and management, improving posture, balance, strength, flexibility and body awareness. Weekly classes are available in the clinic. More